SummertimeSummer is here and with the Fourth of July holiday right around the corner, now is a good time to promote off the job safety. It really isn’t enough to focus only on safety at work. Employees are engaged in off the job activities that can involve just as many (if not more) hazards than what they encounter at work. Whether an injury takes place during work or at home, the employee is still hurt and will need to recover. The impact on the employee and the business is similar in many ways.

Given that summertime activities are numerous and very different, it may be difficult to come up with safety tips for every one of your workers. Instead of focusing on each activity, you may consider focusing on some of the more common ones like hiking in the woods, swimming and spending time in the sun. You might also try to connect some of your workplace safety programs like eye safety or fire prevention to some common summer activities such as yard work and cooking out. If you have a safety committee, this might be a great project for them to take on. Another way to get some ideas would be to poll your employees to see what activities they are into.

Here are a few excellent resources for summer time safety information:

  • Various Topics The National Safety Council.
  • Summer Weather Safety NOAA
  • Fire and Fireworks Safety FEMA
  • For Kids (and their parents/cargivers)  American Academy of Pediatrics

Be creative and have almost as much fun promoting safe summer activities to your employees as participating in the activities yourself.

What other ideas do you have for promoting summer activities to your employees?  Please let us know by submitting a comment.

Happy Fourth of July.


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