The Importance of Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Life Altering Injury Prevention

Amputations, especially on the dominant hand, are the most common injuries resulting from an unexpected start of equipment during repair and servicing.

Other injuries include broken bones and torn muscles and tendons are when a limb is twisted abruptly. Horrible injuries that should never happen.

Beyond Machine Guards

Machine safety is achieved by proper machine-guarding. How safe is a machine when guards are removed for repair and servicing? Hands and other body parts are in places that are recognized to be unsafe. That’s why the guard is installed there in the first place. The idea behind lockout/tagout is to prevent equipment from starting unexpectedly while it is being worked on. The flip of a switch or turn of a valve could be deadly for the person working on the equipment.

About as fool proof a hazard control as there is.

Applying a lock and tag at the proper disconnect for each hazardous energy source prevents an unexpected start up. It really is that simple. Follow your training and ask questions when you are not sure where or how to lockout.

The more you know about lockout/tagout, the less likely you are to accept excuses for not doing it.

Looking for a quick safety checklist to get you through your next inspection?

The OSH Solutions Checklist for Handling Personnel/Inspectors IS HERE!

This is a great guide to have on hand at all times in the workplace so you can be ready for anything that comes your way. I must say what a better time than now.

With this checklist, I will help you become proactive and double down on what works and say goodbye to being reactive and sitting on the sidelines. This checklist will help you get the clarity you need to be prepared at all times.

Grab yours here!


P.S. October is right around the corner, how are you making safety and health your top priority leading into quarter 4? Comment below and let me know!

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