Here are the top ten OSHA Cited Violations for 2013.

  1. Fall Protection-General Requirements  Standard 1926.501  Construction
  2. Hazard Communication   Standard 1910.1200  General Industry and Construction
  3. Scaffolding  Standard 1926.451  Construction
  4. Respiratory Protection  Standard 1910.134 General Industry and Construction
  5. Electrical – Wiring Methods  Standard 1910.305  General Industry
  6. Powered Industrial Trucks  Standard 1910.178  General Industry and Construction
  7. Ladders  Standard 1926.1053  Construction
  8. Lockout/Tagout  Standard 1910.147  General Industry
  9. Electrical-General Requirements  Standard 1910.303  General Industry
  10. Machine Guarding  Standard  1910.212  General Industry

Over the next few months, we will expand on each of these areas to address the nature of the hazards, how to identify the hazards and options for controlling the hazards.  All of the violations that affect construction work are the areas covered in OSHA jobsite focused inspections.

You will note that some of the standards impact both general industry and construction.  The Hazard Communications, Respiratory Protection and Powered Industrial Truck standards for General Industry incorporate construction work into the scope and applicability of the standard.

Expect Hazard Communications citations to increase during the next year given that the deadline for the first phase of the Globally-Harmonized System incorporation (employee training by December 1, 2013) has passed.  It is anticipated that the training requirement will be the number one citation issued in 2014.

As you review your safety program, give serious consideration to the above-listed hazards.  Some may not apply to what you do; such as, scaffolding or powered industrial trucks.  On the other hand, nearly all workplaces have hazards related to chemical product use and electricity.  The Top Ten list is a good tool to focus attention on the combination of significant hazards that draw the attention of an OSHA Compliance Officer during an inspection.


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