Now is the perfect time of year to promote home safety to your employees.  The traditions of the holiday season are wonderful and yet can present hazards that are not routinely part of our lives.  The following are a few holiday traditions:

  • Hanging lights and other decorations along a roof and in trees
  • Putting a “live” tree in the middle of a living room
  • Baking cookies and more cookies and even more cookies
  • Lit candles that serve as a decoration inside the home
  • Hosting or attending holiday parties

I am sure you can think of many other traditions observed by your families. Now think about the hazards inherent in the activities. Falls, fires, electrical shock, auto accidents (weather-related or intoxicated drivers) and burns are a few of the hazards encountered.

One great way to reinforce workplace safety is to relate hazard control principles to what employees do at home.  For example, what controls can be employed to prevent fires?  Some basics include:  1)  Check your electrical cords and do not overload receptacles with multiple adaptors; 2) keep that beautiful tree watered; 3) make sure lit candles are put out before heading to bed or leaving the house; and 4) pay attention to the increased number of hot pans and the greater use of the oven/stove when baking.

If a fire should occur, are your smoke detectors working and do you have a working fire extinguisher?

Let’s work together to make sure we can safely enjoy our holiday season.

What specifically do you do to promote home safety during the holidays?



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