Workplace Safety (OSHA)


We believe that every business is different and that generic programs and training will not serve your company well. This is why we visit your work-site and evaluate your needs. The safety and well-being of your employees on the job should not be left to a One-Size-Fits-All solution. Our goal is to recommend and help you implement the solutions that will lead to regulatory compliance, cost savings and most importantly a workplace where employees go home from work each day free from injury.

To achieve that we offer:

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

that include written programs required by OSHA and facility inspections to help companies maintain safe work places in a condition that meets or exceeds OSHA standards.

Employee Safety Training Solutions

with training options that fit your worker and workplace needs. Whether you want us to do onsite training or help you present employee safety training, we’re here to help you. We help identify the OSHA-required topics that apply to your business and can suggest other training to help prevent injuries.

OSHA Inspection Assistance Solutions

where we make every effort to be with you to guide you through an inspection. If we cannot be at your location, we will talk with the OSHA compliance officer to determine the scope of the inspection and to discuss our role with your company. We will also help you negotiate citations and penalty reductions through the informal and formal conference process.


Please contact us if you are ready to learn more about how OSH Solutions LLC can give you confidence with your work place, trucking or animal food safety regulatory compliance needs. When you work with OSH Solutions you work with a company that offers:

Experience and expertise to understand and interpret regulations in order to help you and your employees understand how they apply to your business

A deep commitment to be responsive and provide accurate, reliable information when you ask us a question.

Employee education and training that is engaging and relevant

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