Trucking Safety (FMCSA)


We understand that keeping your drivers safe and your trucks on the road is crucial for your business. An out of service order resulting from a road side inspection or an onsite audit that leads to poor ratings will lead to financial loss through lost business and increased insurance costs. Our expert guidance will prevent those outcomes and allow you to continue to keep the truck rolling.

To help make that happen, we offer:

Regulatory Compliance

Solutions that include mock audits, driver file preparation and reviews, developing drug and alcohol policies and procedures, and setting up maintenance programs required by OSHA and facility inspections to help companies maintain safe work places in a condition that meets or exceeds OSHA standards.

Driver Safety Training Solutions

with training options that fit your worker and workplace needs. Whether you want us to do onsite training or help you present employee safety training, we’re here to help you. We help identify the OSHA-required topics that apply to your business and can suggest other training to help prevent injuries.

FMCSA Compliance and other Resources

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – FMCSA
  • Safer and Fitness Electronic Records System – SAFER
  • (Update registration and review profile)
  • American Trucking Associations – ATA
  • Heavy Duty Trucking News – HDT
  • Fleet Owner Online – Fleet Owner


Please contact us if you are ready to learn more about how OSH Solutions LLC can give you confidence with your work place, trucking or animal food safety regulatory compliance needs. When you work with OSH Solutions you work with a company that offers:

Experience and expertise to understand and interpret regulations in order to help you and your employees understand how they apply to your business

A deep commitment to be responsive and provide accurate, reliable information when you ask us a question.

Employee education and training that is engaging and relevant

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