Tire Checks for Truckers

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The following Commercial Tire Safety Tips information has been developed by the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Commercial Tire Safety Tips

Tire Inspection
Examine your tires every day for:
Irregular treadwear
Inadequate tread depth
Foreign objects
Other damage
Bring any issues to the attention of your mechanic

Inflation Pressure
Gauge your tires cold before each trip
Adjust as necessary
Improper inflation pressure affects tire wear and fuel efficiency.

Only use approved tire/rim combinations of the appropriate width and diameter
Mismatched tire and rim components may explode and cause serious injury or death.

Extreme Loading
Overloading or underinflation causes excessive heat build-up and internal structural damage that can lead to a tire failure.

Do Not exceed your tires’ speed rating-Doing so will damage your tires and lead to premature failure.
FMCSA Tire Regulation
NHTSA Tire Safety Information
Contact your tire supplier for additional information

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