Five Top Reasons to Use a Regulatory Compliance Consultant

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1. You save time to focus on other important parts of your business. You can have a great safety culture and make money.

2. You avoid the costs due to lack of compliance or not fully understanding the regulations. Besides the monetary costs, there are the costs of lost sleep, overwhelm and anxiety.

3. You gain knowledge and expertise from the consultant’s work with other feed companies. No need to be the pioneer.

4. You have someone who knows how to handle inspections and audits. There are best practices for handling inspectors and inspections.

5. You have an advocate who is looking out for your interests. The consultant works for you, not your insurance company, not the regulatory agencies and not your customers.

Contact Rich today. He’ll be happy to explain how his approach checks off each of the reasons noted above and how he will help you be inspection-ready.

Rich Galutia
OSH Solutions 717-885-7276

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  • I like what you said about using compliance consulting to help you avoid the fees that come with noncompliance. My boss has been telling me about how he wants to broaden our company to a global market in the coming year. I’ll share this information with him so that he can look into his options for professionals who can help him with this.


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